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  • Do you offer delivery on your products?

    Yes! Lesotho Milling runs their own fleet of delivery vehicles and thus have total control of the product from time of departure until the time of offloading at the customer premise.

    Can you provide me with a Certificate of Analysis off the supplied product?

    Yes. Lesotho Milling has an high-tech in-house laboratory continuously monitoring our manufacturing processes. All product are manufactured according to specifications and thus such a certificate can be issued for any product batch.

    Do you offer payment terms?

    Yes we do. Terms will be set according to information provided on your completed credit application.

    Do you have a food safety system running?

    Yes. We are an ISO 22000 accredited manufacturing plant.

    Is milling done in a safe and environmental friendly facility?

    Yes. ISO22000 – No Child Labour

    Are your products fortified?

    Yes! All our products are fortified.

    Are Lesotho Milling Co (Pty) Ltd products safe to be used for children and the elderly?


    Is there any prospect for young people to start working at Lesotho Milling Co and build a career?

    Yes. Preference is given to the local Lesotho community that has obtained a COSC.

    I am a house wife who wants to start a small home business by baking cakes and treats. Will Golden Wonder product range be suitable for this? Are there any recipes and is support available from Lesotho Milling Co?

    Yes. See website for recipes.

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